Hey Guys, Had an awesome experience in the office today. Very impressed with cleanliness and professionalism. It’s how a doctor’s office should be run. I work right up the street and I’ll definitely be raving about it at work tomorrow. Expect lots of my sick co-workers this winter. Thanks again.



My first experience with Doctor’s Express was extremely positive. I thought that I’d broken my hand (since confirmed). This did not necessitate a trip to the ER since it didn’t require ER care. The staff were very welcoming and Dr. Latimer was excellent in reviewing my X-rays and referred me to an orthopedist. After seeing the orthopedist, I was referred to a hand surgeon because the hand was broken severely enough to require surgery. That surgery is scheduled for today. I don’t think I would have received such prompt service at the ER. If we’re serious about lowering the cost of healthcare, these clinics are essential!



I brought my 7 year old in and the place was awesome. Everyone was so nice. Wanted to know if we wanted something to drink. We didn’t wait. The Dr. was great with him. Truly great experience.



“Dr. Latimer, THANK YOU for your kind and competent care on Monday when my daughter, Emily, was seen for a back strain. Your office care and demeanor alone made her relax and begin to heal and the meds have also helped. She said she had never been in such pain, and I know you helped her calm down so she could begin the healing process. Thank you for the wheelchair note for the airline, also! That made life easier. She is on the mend, and we all thank you for such wonderful care!”

Donna, Emily’s Mom


“I have to compliment my visit on Friday, to your Natick, MA location. This was my first time ever using AFC and it could not have been a more positive experience from the initial greeting at the receptionist to the treating physician and the discharge. Every step of the entire experience was handled professionally but also personally as you really got the feeling that you were the only patient being treated. There was no cookie cutter feeling that you were just the next in line so to speak. The triage was very well conducted and the young lady was very friendly. I could not even believe it when the young lady offered to get me a cup of coffee while I waited to see the doctor. This is unheard of and a nice touch. The facilities are clean I like the little snack basket and the coffee are convenient, a nice offering and delicious. The treating physician was thorough and again you did not feel like a number. She took the time to listen and came up with a great course of action. I really liked the physician, very friendly. AFC has really impressed me and you are now going to be my “go to” urgent care center. I have a 9-year-old daughter so you can imagine that things come up from time to time. Thank you for a wonderful experience in all facets…”



Dear Dr. Latimer & the staff at AFC in Natick, This morning, I woke up with what I knew was an ear infection. I swim 6 days a week and get them fairly often…but this one was bad and I knew I should see someone right away. I was dizzy from it and even wondered if I’d be able to put my headphones on and work this afternoon at the station.So…I followed my own advice as your endorser…and got myself to your location in Natick…only a few miles from my home in Wellesley. To say that I received exceptional care is an understatement. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted efficiently, processed quickly, offered a snack, water, shown where the bathroom was if I needed it. The waiting room and treatment rooms were immaculate. I arrived at just before 11A and after being triaged and treated by Dr. Roxanne Latimer, was in the car, with a diagnosis of swimmer’s ear and a sinus infection. Prescriptions in hand for ear drops and antibiotics, I headed to the CVS and was at the station by 1PM. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this kind of healthcare…oops: Urgent Care when I needed it.Thanks a million. I told my story on the air today at about 4:15P. You’ll always have a fan in me.