PrEP Prescription in Natick, MA

PrEP testing in Natick, MABeing sexually active can lead to life-altering diseases such as HIV/AIDS.  However, many methods prevent contracting STDs/STIs, such as practicing safe sex, frequent testing, and getting prescribed for preventative health medicine such as PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

At AFC Urgent Care Natick, our PrEP program is designed to help HIV negative individuals from becoming infected.  PrEP is the general term for being on Truvada, a daily medication that minimizes the risk of contracting HIV.

Some of the benefits of taking PrEP include:

  • Lowering risk of contracting HIV
  • Encouraging more frequent testing for STDs/STIs
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Reducing stigma around disease

When you visit our urgent care center, our providers will review your sexual history and address any health or safety concerns.  In addition to prescribing you with PrEP, we can order blood and urine tests, as well as provide Hepatitis A and B vaccines.

Getting a PrEP prescription is a dedication to your sexual health that involves regular follow up appointments, testing, and counseling.  Our providers will discuss benefits and side effects of taking the medicine, and will address any concerns regarding the prescription.

Our urgent care clinic is open seven days a week, accepting most major health insurances and providing low-cost care for those without.

We also respect the privacy of our patients, and if you would like to discuss your concerns confidentially, or book an appointment, please call our PrEP phone line at 508-310-0958.



For more information about PrEP, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention