108091681February is American Heart Month. We here at AFC Urgent Care wanted to take a moment to teach you about Cardiovascular Disease and ways to prevent it.

Cardiovascular disease, commonly known as heart disease, is a group of illnesses which affect the heart and blood system. This list often includes strokes and high blood pressure. Heart disease is the number one killer of both genders in the United States with men being twice as likely to die from it. Other factors include race and ethnicity. Those of African American descent are more likely than any other group to be have high blood pressure.

Death due to heart disease can be preventable by managing the many risk factors which include diet, physical activity, tobacco use, stress, and obesity. ?Be sure to have a regular check-up with your doctor to help screen for possible risk. Make sure to cut out smoking and tobacco use and try to limit intake of alcohol. ?Always try to manage a healthy diet and weight. For those who are diabetic, risk increases if it is not well managed.

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