COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up

The COVID-19 Vaccine is a major healthcare priority for residents of Natick and all major communities in Massachusetts. AFC Urgent Care Natick is working closely with the state and local governments to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to our communities, based on the vaccination phases coordinated by the MA Department of Public Health.
The supply of COVID -19 vaccine is limited and only those in an eligible group can schedule an appointment with us at this time.  If you believe that you belong to the current eligible group and would like to schedule an appointment, please click here.    
Please note that appointments are extremely limited at this point and we are publishing our schedule on a 7-day rolling basis.
If you do NOT find any available time slot, that means we are full for the week.  Please check back on the appointment site as availability may change due to cancellations and additional slots being made available.  Please do NOT call our office to inquire about availability. 
A summary of the vaccination phases is listed below:

Phase 1: Until Feb 2021

  • Listed in order of priority, per
    • Clinical and non-clinical health care workers doing direct and COVID-facing care
    • Long term care facilities, rest homes and assisted living facilities
    • First responders
    • Congregate care settings
    • Home-based health care workers
    • Health care workers doing non-COVID-facing care

Phase 2: Feb 2021 – March 2021

  • Listed in order of priority, per
    • Individuals 75+
    • (Not Yet eligible)
      • Individuals 65+
      • Individuals with 2+ comorbidities
      • Early education/daycare, K-12, transit, grocery, utility, food and agriculture, restaurant and cafe workers;
      • Employees across the food, beverages, agriculture, consumer goods, retail, and foodservice sectors;
      • Meatpackers;
      • Sanitation, public works and public health workers;
      • Vaccine development workers;
      • Food pantry workers and volunteers;
      • Transit/transportation: Uber/Lyft/ride share services/pharmacy delivery drivers, workers in the passenger ground transportation industry (e.g. paratransit for people with disabilities, food delivery, non-urgent medical transport), Massport workers other than police, airline workers;
      • Convenience store workers (under grocery workers);
      • Water and wastewater utility staff
      • Court system workers (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, clerks), other than court officers who are listed under first responders
      • Medical supply chain workers
      • Funeral directors and funeral workers
      • Shipping port and terminal workers

Phase 3: Staring April 2021

  • If your occupational group is not listed above, you will qualify along with the rest of the general public as a phase 3 recipient

COVID-19 Vaccine Info and Resources:

The COVID-19 vaccine is a safe and highly-tested preventive healthcare service that will allow our communities to return back to the “new normal.” Please be aware of any misleading information about the vaccine online and check with local healthcare providers and your public health department. 
If you need to learn more about vaccine misinformation, please consult our Myths vs. Facts infographic below to prepare any misleading information about vaccines on social media or elsewhere:

Patients that have additional questions about the vaccine should not hesitate to reach out to AFC Urgent Care Natick and speak with our team. We’d be happy to help answer any questions about vaccine access, how to schedule, and vaccine safety questions.