Coronavirus Antibody Testing in Natick, MA

AFC Urgent Care Natick is now offering coronavirus antibody testing to asymptomatic patients in Natick and the surrounding communities. The test requires a blood draw with results available in a matter of days.

Am I eligible for coronavirus antibody testing?

Patients who have been without symptoms including cough, fever and congestion for a minimum of 14 days are eligible for antibody testing. Patients must first have a telemedicine screening with one of our physicians to review your symptoms and when they resolved. Children are not eligible for antibody testing.

Is antibody testing the same as diagnostic testing?

No. Antibody testing is performed via a blood draw and can only detect for past infection. Diagnostic testing is performed via drive-up nasal swab and can only detect the active virus. Both tests require a telemedicine visit to go over your symptoms with one of our physicians.

What do my results mean?

A positive result means that you have been exposed to coronavirus and have developed antibodies against the virus. It is still unknown if the antibodies provide you with protection against further infection from COVID-19. 
Negative results indicate that you have not been exposed to COVID-19. However, you may have been exposed in the previous seven days and not have had time to develop an immune response.
It is important to continue following local health and safety rules and guidelines during this time, including social distancing and wearing a mask when you leave your home. For more information including the latest updates on how antibody testing is being interpreted and used, visit the CDC website.

Antibody Testing Information from AFC Urgent Care Natick