16086137810_43ea700b08_zIt is an employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety by taking the necessary steps to lower accident risks throughout the year but this is particularly important during winter months. Workers’ compensation is a term that most companies fear, but a solid medical staff can help reduce the risks and manage cost more effectively. If the situation in which worker’s compensation becomes an issue, AFC Urgent Care is the team to help.

Our walk-in urgent care center offers practical and affordable occupational health programs to measure and improve the health of our patients (your employees) and standardized reports for employers.

If your business is in need of occupational health services such as Workers’ compensation, pre-employment physicals, drug testing or DOT Physicals, contact our Natick location today for more information. We are open extended hours 7 days a week, never require appointments and an affordable alternative to the ER.

Call us today at 508-377-2708, or stop by our center located at 945 Worcester Street in Natick, MA.