American Heart Month: Tips to Improve Your Heart Health

Did you know that February is American heart month? With heart attack remaining the leading cause of death in the US, it’s no surprise there’s a month dedicated to helping to educate people about their heart and heart health. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to your heart health, and these tips are a great place to start! 

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol won’t harm you if it’s consumed in moderation, but binge drinking can have some deadly repercussions. Limit your alcohol intake to 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women. 1 drink refers to the actual serving size, not what you think is a serving size. That means 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, and 1 ½ oz of liquor. 

Exercise Daily

Exercising is something that always gets pushed to the backburner in our busy lives, but just 20-30 minutes of physical activity each day will lower your risk of heart attack and improve your heart health. Find the time to fit exercise into your schedule each day, even if that means just a quick home workout or a walk on your lunch break. 

Eat A Healthy Diet 

Instead of focusing on eating for weight loss and being restrictive, focus on eating a healthy diet of foods that are actually good for you. Limit the amount of processed foods you eat and focus on whole fruits, vegetables, and grains instead. Pair that with lean meats and fish for a diet that will not only make your heart healthier but will make you feel better too! 

Know Your Current Health Status 

It’s always important to know your current health status so you know what you need to work on. Go for a physical each year to determine your blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, and more. All of these things can negatively impact your heart health if they go unchecked. If your health is lacking in one area or another, at least you know so you can begin taking steps to improve it. 

Walk-In Urgent Care in Natick & Framingham, MA

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