Importance Of STD Testing

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and you should use this opportunity to undergo STD/STI testing at AFC Urgent Care Natick. Knowing your STD/STI status is important to your overall health as well as your safety. We are here to teach the importance of getting tested and why you should regularly schedule yourself to get tested.

 Not all STD’s have symptoms

Certain diseases and infections can be present in your system without you experiencing physical symptoms. Others may present a more common condition such as coming down with the cold or the flu. This can cause you to feel low energy, have a runny nose, headache, fevers and have the feeling of fainting. Sometimes a person can go weeks, months, even years without knowing that they are carrying an STD/STI. Some of these infections can do serious damage to your reproductive organs and overall health if left unchecked over time!

Don’t be embarrassed

Sexual health is not something you should ever feel embarrassed to talk about, AFC urgent Care Natick is here to always give our professional opinion and advice. If you have a new partner, it is always a good idea to get tested. If you have been with the same partner for a while it is important to still get tested at least once a year. Protecting yourself from sexual health is not only helping yourself but it also helps your partner(s).

Where to get tested

We offer STD testing 7 days a week and no appointment is needed. However, if you can’t make it to our facility, there are testing facilities on campus (college students), or at your primary care provider. Emergency rooms also provide these testing services as well as blood tests. There are always resources to get tested no matter where you are.
If you have any questions or concerns about our STD/STi testing policy give us a call at  508.650.6208