Why The Flu Shot Is Important

The end of September is here, and fall isn’t the only thing that is back this year. Flu season is here, and AFC Urgent Care Natick would is here to remind you to get your flu shot this year! A busy fall is full of holidays, parties, traveling, and plenty of cooking. The last thing you would want is the flu to prevent you from participating in all the beautiful holidays this year! However, if you are on the fence about getting your flu shot to let us help you but highlighting the importance of the flu shot! 

Protecting vulnerable groups 

The flu is a risk to everyone; however, there are some groups of people that are at a higher risk to catch the flu with serious complications. The groups of people that are most at risk are: 

  • Elderly people
  • infants (at the age of 6 months or under) 
  • Pregnant woman
  • Immune compromised people 

These groups of people in flu season must do all they can to protect themselves from the flu, but sometimes that is not enough if their loved ones and friends come down with the flu. For your family members and others around you, getting the flu shot can protect more people than just yourself. 

Protecting yourself 

Getting the flu shot is crucial because it helps you defend yourself against the flu virus. The flu virus comes back in a new form every year. If you got your flu shot last year that does not mean you are protected from this year’s strain. If you have gotten a flu shot in late August or early Septemeber, then you should think about getting another flu shot in December. The flu shot only last about five months, and in a previous couple of months, the antibodies in your blood may have weakened, leaving you vulnerable to getting the flu again.  

Avoiding an outbreak 

Make sure you spread the word to all of your friends and family to get their flu shots this year. The more people around you that are vaccinated gives less of a chance for a flu outbreak in your school, home, area. Make sure to be extra sanitary conscious in the following months to add further protection to avoid the flu. If you are taking public transportation, carry hand sanitizer. If you are out in public, make sure to wash hands before eating or after you come back inside after being out for a while.
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