Weight management

It is 2019 & there is much confusion about weight & how we should be accepting people. While it is true that people come in all different shapes, this does not mean that being underweight or overweight is no longer a health problem. Body image has continuously been an issue since the begging of advertisements when unhealthily skinny looking models made the majority of the population believe that was the body type we should all strive for. The truth is that the perfect weight per person depends on the height, age & sex as well as other factors.

So how do I know what I should weight?

If you go online, you can get an estimate of how much you should weight. There are dozens of “body calculators” out there so you should want to go through a couple of them & see if you are getting the same results. Body calculators will ask you for your sex, your height & your age. The issue with body calculators online is that they do not know you. Every person is different & every person has unique qualities to them. A physician can asses your body type, then give you a more accurate weight. For example, if you are a female who is 5’4 120 lbs you may be considered overweight online but if you are an athlete, runner, bodybuilder, you would still be at a healthy weight.

Body Fat

We all have body fat; it is a critical part of our bodies that help keep us alive. However too much body fat, of course, is not good! Body fat can be calculated in percentages & each height & weight has its healthy percentage you should shoot to fall in. You can measure your body fat with a simple body fat calculator you can find online or on individual scales.

How to lose fat

There are many ways to lose weight & fat. The most beneficial way to do both is to change your diet & start exercising. Three full healthy meals a day will lead to you losing weight & gaining muscle if you are exercising as well. Do not stop eating. If you stop eating, then your body will go into starvation mode & the little food that you do eat will then turn into fat! The recommended calories to eat in a day is around 2,000. Fill these calories with foods that are high in protein & low in fat & sodium.

We hope these tips will help you be on your way to being a better you!