Flu Prevention Tips for You and Your Family!

Flu season is in full swing this season, and now is the time to start thinking about ways to prevent the flu in your household.

From early fall to mid-winter, cases of influenza begin to spread rapidly in local communities as more individuals stay indoors, the weather cools down, and the virus has more opportunities to spread.

Don’t worry though! The flu is highly preventable as long as families do their part in practicing effective flu prevention. We’ve outlined some of the best prevention tips to help you and your family remain flu-free during the peak flu season!

Get your flu shot ASAP if you haven’t already!

The flu shot, or flu vaccine, is the most effective way for an individual to prevent the flu.

According to the CDC, infants over the age of six months should get their flu vaccination annually in order to prevent the flu. The strain of influenza changes each year which requires an updated flu vaccine.

It is important to understand that the medical community recommends getting a flu shot each year and dispels many common myths about the flu shot. For example, getting a flu vaccine cannot get a person directly sick nor does it lead to other health complications. The vaccine helps your immune system create antibodies that fight the latest strain of influenza.

Most patients should get their flu shot at the start of flu season. But if you haven’t got your flu shot yet make sure to do that ASAP!

Practice good hygiene

Routine and constant hygiene is another excellent method for preventing the spread of germs and the influenza virus in your home.

Influenza spreads as both an airborne virus and from human-to-human contact, so it can quickly spread in public places, schools, office spaces, and even the home. Experts recommend washing your hands throughout the day with hot water and soap to reduce infections. It also helps to use hand sanitizer to disinfect yourself after touching public areas including hand railings, door knobs, and similar surfaces.

Manage and avoid contact with infected individuals

If anyone at your school or work has the flu the best way to stay flu-free is to avoid contact with that person.

However, avoiding contact is much more than maintaining distance from infected people. Make sure to avoid sharing personal items with infected individuals and to always practice good hygiene if you are in the same area as an infected person. Be mindful of any surfaces that someone with the flu has used or came into contact with.

If you get sick make sure to get flu symptom treatment and then rest

If you get sick, go to your nearest urgent care center to receive flu symptom treatment for sniffling, coughing, and other irritating conditions. Urgent care staff is equipped to handle patients on a walk-in basis without requiring appointments.

After treatment, make sure you stay home from work or school and rest. Getting ample rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating three meals a day ensure that your body can adequately recover.

Keep these flu prevention tips in mind to help avoid the flu this year!