Cough 101: Why Won’t It Go Away?

COUGHINGIt is that time of the year when everyone we come in contact with is fighting off some form of a cold or flu. For some, simple home remedies can help soothe their discomfort and symptoms will go away within a few days, for others it is not as simple.

Coughing is a reflex action that we cannot control. Unfortunately, this cannot be ignored. Depending on the symptoms, it can be a temporary annoyance or signal something more serious.

If the cough persists and you find the symptoms getting worse rather than better, your doctor will most likely prescribe you a course of antibiotics, especially if there is an infection going on. Persistent coughs that do not go away can be caused by more than a cold. It could be bronchitis, allergies or pneumonia. But for most people, the nagging cough can stay for three weeks or more even after the symptoms of cold are gone.

Contact AFC Natick today if you have been battling a persistent cough or any other flu-like symptoms for more than a two week period. We are an urgent care walk in clinic that can treat colds, coughs and other types of viral infections. We are also available to you 7 days a week!

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