BasicMed Flight Physicals

BasicMed Flight Physicals in Natick, MA

AFC Urgent Care Natick administers BasicMed Flight Physicals for who individuals who operate small and large aircrafts.
Performed at least every 48 months, the purpose of these exams is to ensure the pilot or aircraftman has the ability to operate an aircraft with no medical condition that will interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft.
In order to qualify and complete the examination to operate an aircraft, AOPA recommends taking the following steps, in order:

  1. Complete the FAA self-assessment form prior to your examination
  2. Schedule and attend a physical examination with a state-licensed physician who will complete the FAA form
  3. Successfully complete the AOPA Online Medical Education Course
  4. Print the certificate of completion following the course and keep it in your logbook, along with the completed Medical Examination Checklist
  5. Ensure that you meet the flight review requirements of FAR 61.56 and any other applicable flight or instrument proficiency requirements, as necessary for you to act as pilot in command

At AFC Urgent Care Natick, an on-site licensed physician can perform your BasicMed Flight Physical.  Our urgent care center is fully equipped with an on-site lab and digital x-ray system to conduct the entire exam all under one roof.
Our comprehensive physicals include:

  • Complete review of FAA form completed by the airman
  • A medical examination
  • A review of any medical conditions, physical and mental
  • Review of all prescription and non-prescription medications

Following the exam, our physician will complete a medical examination checklist, ensuring that the airman meets all requirements.
*Please note that the BasicMed Flight Physical is not covered by insurance.  We also ask that you contact us to schedule an appointment to ensure a licensed physician is on duty.*
For more details, please call us at 508-650-6208.