It’s that time of year where the common cold becomes very prevalent and hard to avoid. We here at AFC Natick want to give you some tips to treat the common cold. Before that, we need to understand what the common cold is. It is a harmless upper respiratory viral infection. Over 100 viruses make up what is considered the common cold and are highly contagious.

Should to contract a common cold virus, there are many ways to relieve symptoms. Most over the counter medicines can offer relief such as pain relievers, nasal decongestant sprays, and cough syrups. Always try to drink plenty of fluids to replace fluids lost due to mucus. Also get plenty of rest. By calling out of work or school, you prevent spreading the germs to colleagues but you also allow your body to rest and fight off the virus.

To try to reduce the cold’s intensity, make sure your diet is full of vitamin C and zinc. Both have shown to reduce duration and intensity. Also try to take an Echinacea supplement. Studies show mixed result but the supplement is is harmless regardless.

As always, should you find yourself suffering from cold and flu symptoms, stop by your local Natick AFC for walk in care. Visit us at 945 Worcester St in Natick or call 508-650-6208.