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The issue with cuts, scrapes, or wounds of the skin is that it difficult to know when to see a doctor or when not to see the doctor. If you get a deep cut you should have your tetanus vaccination boosted if it has been over 5 years since your last tetanus shot. This will […]

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Taking Care of Ear Problems

An Express Tip from Dr. Latimer

It is hot and the summer is here. Some of the most common summer complaints are annoying ear pain, ear clogging, and decreased hearing. These complaints are common regardless of age. The problems that start in the ear vary and one should seek medical attention as soon as possible to […]

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Ankle Sprains & Injuries

The Summer Time Killjoy; The Ankle Sprain & Tips on How To Care for The Injury
An Express Tip from Doctor Latimer

If you love summer, then you probably love all the activities that come with the season. The summer promotes activities like walking, beach volleyball, swimming, and running. All activities are healthy and fun, but if […]

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Are we too "clean" to avoid allergies? What?

Comparing Allergies
Some say this might be the worst allergy season in years. ?Dr. Roxanne Latimer of AFC in Natick offers a thought: Several studies comparing living on a farm to living in a non farm setting have found that farm kids with exposure to lots of animal dander, lots of dirt, etc, do MUCH […]

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Want to prevent your kids from getting sports-related injuries?

Spring is here and your kids are out and about. Dr. Latimer advises on things that you can do to prevent your kids from getting sports-related injuries.

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Get prepared for your next overseas trip at AFC Natick

Here at AFC Natick, we offer travel consultations and immunizations on a walk-in basis 7 days a week. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what you’ll need and more importantly with the vaccinations that you’ll need. Be safe and have fun.

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See a doctor when you need to not when he is available…

Everyone has a busy schedule. Your doctor’s time isn’t more important than yours so her when you need to not when she’s available…

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AFC Natick Pan Mass Challenge Sponsor

AFC Urgent Care in Natick is a proud sponsor of this year’s Pan Mass Challenge Kids Ride to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund. Let’s help spread the word!

As always if you need urgent or immediate care fr non life threatening illnesses visit AFC in Natick at 945 Worcester St.

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Acute Bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis
Acute Bronchitis is a very common diagnosis especially at the height of cough and cold season. It consists of an abrupt onset of lower respiratory tract infection and is distinguished from a cold because of a few unique characteristics. It is a lower respiratory tract infection as opposed to a ?head cold.? It produces […]

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