Seasonal Flu Shots & Vaccinations at AFC Urgent Care

Did you know that influenza kills approximately 36,000 people worldwide annually, 90% of whom are adults 65 and older? Here at AFC Urgent Care Natick, we strongly believe that prevention is key and vaccination can help save lives. Get your flu shot now and you won’t have to worry about how nasty and frigid this winter gets.

At AFC Urgent Care we are fully stocked with flu vaccine and you can just walk in anytime without an appointment and be on your way and ready for old man winter. It’s fast, affordable and smart. Some can’t afford to get sick and miss a day of work these days. This is a great way to power through the winter. It is important that you get your flu shot every year!

We are open weekdays 8am-8pm and weekends 8am-5pm and conveniently located at 945 Worcester Street in Natick, a quarter of a mile east of the Natick Mall. So there really is no excuse to put it off this year!